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2020Hanlya27's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Have a 'yes' day Well-being
Experience the northern lights Travel
Touch every continent Travel
Stay at an underwater hotel in Fiji. Travel
Go sky diving Sport
Play a Game of Paintball Sport
Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean Moving
Have 15 Minutes of Fame Moving
Become a vet Career
Be in the Newspape Career
Crowd Surf Entertainment
✧ Partake in a Food Fight Fun
Ride a Zip Line Fun
Ride a Segway Fun
Go White water rafting Fun
Learn to surf Fun
Climb a Volcano Fun
Swim with Sea Turtles Fun
Abseil Down a Waterfall Fun
Navigate a Personal Underwater SUB Skills
Set a world record Skills
Swim with Dolphins Bucket List
Hold a Shark Bucket List
Meet Someone Famous Bucket List
Wrap a Snake Around My Neck Bucket List
Eat a Meal Cooked by a Celebrity Chef Bucket List
Donate blood Charity
Be a Game Show Contestant

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