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4604070726's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
go to mardi gras in new orleans Culture
Get Married Social
Visit the Colosseum, Rome Travel
Go to South Africa Travel
Go To NewZealand Travel
Pose with the Leaning Tower of Pisa Travel
Stand on the Equator Travel
Visit Paris Travel
Visit the Bahamas Travel
Visit Africa Travel
Visit Spain Travel
Visit Italy Travel
Stand on the red square in Moscow Travel
Germany Travel
go to amsterdam Travel
Go to Ireland Travel
go to venice Travel
Walk through Central Park Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Go to Paris Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Do well in school Education
Donate Blood Health
Pass my driving test Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Get a tattoo Fun
Go interrailing with friends Bucket List
Visit Niagra Falls Bucket List
Stay at the ice hotel Bucket List
Go to New York Bucket List
Kiss under fireworks Bucket List
Kiss in the rain Bucket List
Go interrailing with friends Bucket List
Get married Relationships

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