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52Sammie's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
take one photo a day for a whole year Creativity
Make a time capsule Creativity
Make a Scrap Book of Things I've Accomplished on My Bucket List Creativity
Write a song Creativity
Do a genetic testing for heritage Culture
Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras Culture
See Cherry Blossoms in Japan Culture
Add a lock to lovers bridge; Paris and Germany Culture
Get Married Social
Be a bridesmaid Social
go to a drive in Social
Learn sign language Social
Get a dog Well-being
Have an empty jar at the start of the year and fill it with notes of everything good that happens. Read them all on Jan 1st the following year Well-being
visit a pink sand beach Travel
Pet a Kangaroo in Australia Travel
throw a dart at a map and travel where it lands Travel
Visit Amsterdam Travel
Go to a lavender farm Travel
Be in two different States at one time Travel
Go to Australia Travel
Stand on the Equator Travel
Go to Copenhagen Travel
Go to Japan Travel
Visit Budapest Travel
Stand Beneath Christ the Redeemer: Rio de Janeiro Travel
Go to Day of the Dead in Mexico Travel
Road Trip with best friends Travel
Islands of Fiji Travel
See the Statue of Liberty Travel
Visit all 50 States Travel
Travel alone Travel
Visit the 7 wonders Travel
See the Crown Jewels in London Travel
Go to the titanic museum Travel
Have my Own Place Moving
Save $10,000 Financial
Fly first class Financial
Prepare a Will Financial
Have a Star Wars marathon Entertainment
Learn another language Education
Visit a Butterfly sanctuary Education
Get Ear Piercing Health
Donate Blood Health
Take a walk with some gloves and trashbags and pick up all of the litter you can find. Health
Eat at a 5 star restaraunt Fun
Swim in a rooftop pool Fun
go ghost hunting Fun
Have a beach bonfire Fun
Roll down a grassy hill Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Have a camping trip in the backyard Fun
go paintballing Fun
Release a Paper Lantern Fun
Write a Book Skills
be able to do a split Skills
learn a martial art Skills
ride a zip line Skills
Learn Salsa Skills
Ride an elephant Bucket List
Have a Paint Fight Bucket List
Get a Tattoo Bucket List
Read 500 books and keep a record of it Bucket List
curate my own personal library Bucket List
Hug a koala Bucket List
Get a small tattoo that has a lot of meaning Bucket List
Write a letter for after I die Bucket List
Shop at the floating market in Vietnam Bucket List
Fall in Love Relationships
Watch a Sunset With Someone Relationships
Rescue an animal from a shelter Charity
Buy something for a stranger anonymously Charity
Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later
Go to New Zealand
Grow food to eat.

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