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Agrimreaper's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Write a song Creativity
Attend Tomorrowland Culture
Eat pizza in Italy Culture
Get my body into shape (to be proud of) Well-being
visit stonehenge Travel
Visit the end of the world Travel
Go backpacking Travel
Stand on the Equator Travel
go to Vegas with friends Travel
stand with one foot on one side of the equator and one foot on the other Travel
go on a road trip with my friends Travel
road trip with 10 of the best people ever Travel
travel all the world Travel
Travel Through Europe Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Visit New York City at Christmas time! Travel
Visit the Pyramids Travel
Go to the top of the Eifel Tower Travel
Float in the dead sea Travel
Visit the Grand Canyon Travel
Run a full marathon Sport
Go deep sea fishing Sport
Learn how to snowboard Sport
Go skydiving Sport
Run a half marathon Sport
buy an apartment with my friends Moving
move into dream house Moving
Live in a foreign country Moving
Get My First Job Career
Buy my parents a house Financial
Have an 18th Birthday party Entertainment
Go to a concert Entertainment
throw a poolparty Entertainment
Be a teacher for one day Education
Graduate High School Education
Have Sex Health
Donate Blood Health
Kiss a random person Fun
Write a letter to yourself 10 years in the future Fun
Learn to Dance Well Skills
Learn to play guitar Skills
Learn to play the piano Skills
Learn How to do a Front Flip or a Back Flip Skills
create a new recipe Skills
Learn to speak French fluently Skills
Run a 5k Skills
Write a Book Skills
Fill a Wall With Photography Take During My Travels Skills
Get Drunk Bucket List
get a tattoo Bucket List
Visit all 7 Continents Bucket List
Run a 10k Bucket List
Be on T.V. Bucket List
Ride The London Eye Bucket List
Become a pet owner Bucket List
Go on a cruise Bucket List
Go Skinny Dipping Bucket List
Wish on a shooting star Bucket List
Go on an Amazon Rainforest Expedition Bucket List
Sleep under the stars Bucket List
Visit Niagra Falls Bucket List
Visit all the Wonders of the World Bucket List
Try Acid Tabs , LSD, or Mushrooms Bucket List
Sing/Guitar at bonfire Bucket List
Watch A Sunset With Somone Relationships
Watch sunset and rise in one day Relationships
Find true love Relationships
Donate money Charity

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