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Anaali17's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
make a self portrait Creativity
write a book Creativity
wear a sari Culture
go to an all out pakistani/indian wedding Culture
be confident enough to wear a jumpsuit Culture
Have my own wikipedia page Culture
Be someone's role Model Social
do a secret santa Social
Meet Queen Bey (Beyonce) Social
meet rhett and link!! Social
Meet the Queen of England Social
Meet Malala Yousafzai Social
Eat at a restaurant by myself Social
Meet Betty White Social
sit on a hammock Well-being
Go to the livable continents Travel
Go to all the US States Travel
skydiving Sport
Have a career helping other people Career
have my own car Financial
buy my own house Financial
Be on a game show (1st choice is family feud) Entertainment
Watch the entire Harry Potter movie series Entertainment
graduate from law school Education
Graduate College!!! Education
Graduate high school!! Education
learn to sew Education
donate an organ Health
Lose the weight!! Health
Bungee Jump Fun
Participate in a Holi Fun
Buy something from an ad on TV Fun
wear silk pajamas Fun
Sit in a helicopter Fun
Zipline Fun
go to a pats game Fun
Ride a mechanical bull Fun
Ride a horse Fun
go to a red sox game Fun
Eat watermelon balls Fun
learn sign language Skills
Get my driver's license Skills
Get called for Jury Duty Skills
be on a billboard Bucket List
Go back to my 73 Cushing Ave house Bucket List
set a guiness world record Bucket List
Have a street named after me Bucket List
go to a concert Bucket List
Ride an elephant Bucket List
bury a time capsule Bucket List
Have a strong relationship with Dado before one of us dies Relationships
have a grandchild Relationships
Be alive and able to do my mom's ghusl Relationships
Have a child (hopefully more than 1!!) Relationships
Get married :) Relationships
Give a big check to charity Charity

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