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Angelb's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Do a genetic testing for heritage Culture
Get Married Social
be a millionaire Well-being
Venice Travel
go on an african safari Travel
Ride The Bullet Train,Japan Travel
See the Statue of Liberty Travel
Visit New York City at Christmas time! Travel
See the Hollywood sign Travel
Throw a dart at a map and travel wherever it lands Travel
Go to Hawaii Travel
Visit California Travel
Visit Tokyo Travel
Go to San Fransisco Travel
Stand on the Equator Travel
Go to prague Travel
Athens Travel
Visit Madrid Travel
New York During Christmas Travel
Go to Havana Travel
Visit Puerto Rico Travel
Roadtrip through the USA Travel
Walk the Hollywood walk of fame Travel
Visit the Grand Canyon Travel
Be photographed with the Hollywood hills sign Travel
go to an airport and buy tickets to a random place Travel
visit 10 greek islands Travel
Go to Canada Travel
Go to Every Continent Travel
Watch a meteor shower Entertainment
Star gazing Entertainment
Go to Times Sqaure Fun
pass driving test Skills
Fly First Class Bucket List
Create a Family Tree Relationships
Get engaged Relationships
Have Children Relationships
Gamble in Vegas

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