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Anky326's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Make a painting Creativity
Fast for 9 days in Navratri Culture
Spend a whole day in a hindu temple. Culture
Visit A church Social
Visit a masjid Social
buy someone's groceries Social
Stay awake for 24 hours Well-being
Vote in an election Well-being
Run a marathon Well-being
Become healthy and get fit body Well-being
To travel the world Travel
Visit LAS VEGAS Travel
Go camping Travel
Go on a luxury cruise Travel
Visit US Travel
Travel 50+ destinations Travel
Get a Hike Travel
Go on a beach Travel
to travel Tokyo at least once in my life Travel
Visit niagara falls Travel
Watch an international cricket match live Sport
Go Ziplining Sport
Buy a motorcycle Sport
Learn to Surf Sport
Sky diving Sport
Live In a apartment atleast once Moving
Become an engineer Career
Buy a house Financial
Take a loan Financial
Buy a car Financial
To fly in hot air balloon Entertainment
Host a dinner party Entertainment
Get Master's degree Education
Get a bachelor's degree Education
Publish an article in any newspaper Education
Get to study in IITs Education
Crack a competetive exam Education
Taste Wine Health
Get a tattoo Fun
Pick a lizard in hands Fun
Go for Skiing Fun
Eat chicken at least once Fun
Celebrate Christmas Abroad Fun
Night out with friends Fun
Travel in a Flight Alone Fun
Go on a bike road trip Fun
Snake aroound the neck Fun
To do paragliding Fun
Shoot a gun Skills
Learn to drive a car Skills
Learn to swim Skills
Work in a movie or a short film at least once Skills
Record my song in a studio Skills
Play guitar in some Restaurant Skills
Cook for the people around me Skills
save someone's life Skills
See all the wonders of the world in person Bucket List
Attend the "LA TOMATINA" festival Bucket List
leave a 100% tip Bucket List
Be spontaneous to go somewhere and decide in the way where to go Bucket List
Learn to fly an airplane Bucket List
Talk to a stranger girl Bucket List
Attend a masquerade Bucket List
Start your own business Bucket List
Vacation with no internet for atleast 1 month Bucket List
Spend my birthday in a foreign country Bucket List
To do horse riging Bucket List
Drink beer atleast once Bucket List
Go movies with friends Bucket List
Create a family tradition Bucket List
Mentor domeone to achieve something big Bucket List
Get featured in a music video Bucket List
Eat pizzas for a whole day Bucket List
Enjoy my first kiss Bucket List
Visit every continent Bucket List
Go out at 1 am to roam around Bucket List
Learn shooting with guns Bucket List
Wake up at 4:00 am for a month Bucket List
Road trip from north to south india Bucket List
Go to a pool party Bucket List
Spend a night at the beach Bucket List
Plant a tree Bucket List
Eat crab Bucket List
Milk the cow/buffalo Bucket List
watch sunrise on a mountain Bucket List
Complete at least 5 things from someone else' bucket list Bucket List
Be in an article Bucket List
Have professional photoshoot Bucket List
Get married Relationships
Become a parent of a girl child Relationships
Sing a song for someone special In a Hill station Relationships
Picture on eiffel tower with my partner Relationships
Rescue an animal Charity
Become a blood donor Charity
Win 5 table tennis matches consecutively
Buy a homeless person a meal

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