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Awesome_Der's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
fill balloon's with paint and attach to a canvas then throw darts at them Creativity
Visit a Chocolate Factory Culture
Vote Culture
Eat pizza in Italy Culture
See Cherry Blossoms in Japan Culture
Attend A Broadway Play Culture
Get Married Social
watch the ball drop in times square on new years Social
become a Parent Social
Run a 9 minute mile Well-being
Walk through Central Park Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Visit New York Travel
Go to top ten escape rooms Travel
Go to Paris Travel
Visit the White House - D.C. Travel
Visit Canada Travel
Visit the grand canyon Travel
Visit Mt.Rushmore Travel
See the Statue of Liberty Travel
go on a roadtrip with friends Travel
Go to Niagara Falls Travel
Play Capture the Flag Sport
Go Cliff-jumping Sport
Go Cliff-jumping Sport
Go Paintballing Sport
Go camping with friends Sport
Have my Own Place Moving
Graduate College Career
Buy a house Financial
Buy a car Financial
Open a savings account Financial
spend an entire day watching disney movies Entertainment
Throw a Character Themed Party Entertainment
Have a movie marathon Entertainment
Hot air Balloon Ride Entertainment
Read The Bible Cover to Cover Education
Get up early and exercise before work (5 days in a row) Health
Go to Prom Fun
Stargaze Fun
Take photos with someone in a photobooth Fun
Put together a puzzle by myself Fun
Attend a murder mystery dinner Fun
Go through a corn maze Fun
Zipline Fun
Handglide Fun
Throw a Surprise Party Fun
Meet a celebrity Bucket List
sleep in back of truck Bucket List
Have a Paint Fight Bucket List
Bury a time capsule Bucket List
try pasta in Italy Bucket List
Help some check something off of their bucket list Bucket List
Leave a note in a library book
Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later

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