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Azzi's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Create your own style Well-being
Earn an amazing amount of money to support yourself Well-being
Dye your hair black Well-being
Get lip filler Well-being
Travel to Finland Travel
Travel to France Travel
Go to Disney Travel
Go in a hot air balloon Travel
Travel to South Africa Travel
Go to Australia Travel
Travel to the US Travel
Travel to Japan Travel
Go skydiving Sport
Get your dream body Sport
Become an actress Career
Achieve 1M followers Career
Achieve 500k followers Career
Achieve 100k followers Career
Achieve 10k followers Career
Achieve 1k followers Career
Start your acting/modelling insta account Career
Star in an award-winning film Career
Make it on Famous Birthdays Career
Get sponsored Financial
Go to Universal Entertainment
Graduate Education
Go to your favourite university Education
Become fluent in all my languages Education
Ace my IGCSEs Education
Swim with sharks Fun
Go paragliding Fun
Go on a cruise Bucket List
Be able to give money to mum and grandpa Relationships

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