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B14K3Y's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
write a book Creativity
achieve something Creativity
make a youtube video Creativity
own a house Well-being
see the northern lights Travel
visit vatican city Travel
drive around iceland Travel
go to universal studios Travel
see the great wall of china Travel
see the pyramids Travel
black belt kickboxing Sport
have a reliable car Financial
have no debt Financial
become a millionaire Financial
buy a motorbike Financial
motorbike licence Education
learn how to swim Education
have a nice body Health
sort my teeth out Health
swim with sharks Fun
swim with dolphins Fun
skydive Fun
lads holiday Fun
go on a overlanding expedition Bucket List
do a gumball rally type event Bucket List
have a off roading truck Bucket List
base jumpimg Bucket List
christmas & new year in new york Bucket List
American road trip Bucket List
whale watching Bucket List
horseback riding Bucket List
drive abroad
drive on a race track

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