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Beethetrasho's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Create a music album Creativity
design my own home Creativity
Write a song Creativity
Sell a painting I painted Creativity
get in a cab and say "follow that car" Creativity
Star in one play outside of BKA Creativity
Take a pottery class Creativity
Make a Scrap Book of Things I've Accomplished on My Bucket List Creativity
be an extra in a movie Creativity
Do a genetic testing for heritage Culture
Learn sign language Social
Go bowling (and try not to hurt anyone) Social
Get Married Social
Attend Comicon Social
Help a stranger Social
Be proud of myself Well-being
Go hiking Well-being
Have an empty jar at the start of the year and fill it with notes of everything good that happens. Read them all on Jan 1st the following year Well-being
Adopt a cat Well-being
Find my life's purpose Well-being
Get better Well-being
Become happy with myself Well-being
Be in a healthy relationship Well-being
Go to Japan Travel
Road Trip with best friends Travel
Road trip Travel
travel with a friend Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
have campfire on beach Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Visit Hawaii Travel
Go camping with friends Sport
Horseride Sport
Climb A Moutain Sport
Have my Own Place Moving
Publish a book Career
Graduate College Career
Have a career that i love Career
Have Over 50,000 In My Bank Account Financial
spend an entire day watching disney movies Entertainment
Have a movie marathon Entertainment
Learn another language Education
Get 2 straight A's in one school year Education
Do something new every month Education
Donate Blood Health
Have a photo shoot with friends Fun
Swing together on a playground Fun
Roller Skating Fun
Vlog daily Fun
Carve name into a tree Fun
Stargaze Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
explore a cave Fun
Go on a romantic weekend Fun
Go To A Festival Fun
Bungee Jump Fun
Shoot a real gun Skills
Learn to play guitar Skills
Paint 2 Paintings Bucket List
Fly First Class Bucket List
Meet a celebrity Bucket List
Fly in a helicopter Bucket List
Let go of balloons with notes attached Bucket List
Hug a koala Bucket List
Use A Fake Name At Starbucks Bucket List
Cross everything off my bucket list Bucket List
Kiss in the rain Bucket List
Swim Under A Waterfall Bucket List
Zip Line Bucket List
Sky Dive Bucket List
Get A Tattoo Bucket List
Survive Life Bucket List
Write a letter for after I die Bucket List
Finish a Coloring Book Bucket List
Fall in Love Relationships
Midnight stroll Relationships
cuddle by a campfire Relationships
Receive a Dozen Roses Relationships
Watch a Sunset With Someone Relationships
Have Children Relationships
Volunteer at an animal shelter Charity
Adopt a dog Charity
Volunteer at a children's hospital Charity
make a scrap book
Don't Give Up.
Complete A 365 Project--Take A Photo A Day For A Year
Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
Write a letter and read it 10 years later
Finish the musical with Rochelle and run the show at least once
Swim With Dolphins

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