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Brinny_'s challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Eat pizza within Italy Culture
Go to a music concert Social
Get friends who geniunely care and relate to me Social
Write myself a letter for 10 years ahead Well-being
Get a curly hairstyle Well-being
Visit Spain Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Visit France Travel
Visit Italy Travel
Road Trip Travel
See a significant city Travel
Move to the United States Moving
Get a high-pay, enjoyable job Career
Ride my dream car Entertainment
Cruise with mates in dream car Entertainment
Get my dream car Entertainment
Score high in my exams and prove to the world that school is utterly useless Education
Save a life Health
Get a toned, in-shape body Health
Go on a twilight beachside stroll Fun
Go to a nightclub Fun
Troll Starbucks Fun
Jump into a pool with a hoodie on Fun
Learn to dance Skills
Pass a driving test Bucket List
Visit London Bucket List
Skydive Bucket List
Get the best S/O Relationships
Conquer my fear of heights
Go to space

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