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Dawood's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
climb a mountain Culture
travel on a train Travel
Have ripped six packs! Sport
Ride in a ship Moving
Make my own music band Career
get an iPad Entertainment
build a website Education
Ride a rollercoaster Fun
be blind for a day Fun
slap someone during an exam Fun
create a designed shirt at home Fun
make my first music video Fun
Build a sandcastle Fun
Ride a Ferris wheel Fun
be able to do one hand push-ups Skills
get a les paul Skills
Perform a song with my guitar to a big audience Skills
be able to do a backflip Skills
100 push-ups Skills
Do 25 Straight Pull-ups Skills
swim at the dead sea Bucket List
buy a horse Bucket List
Conquer my Fear of Heights Bucket List
bicycle shot photograph Bucket List
go fishing

Idea box and problem report - Web developer

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