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Dhill's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Make a project with Ethan every month Creativity
Do Claires nails every 2 weeks Creativity
Read a new book every 3 weeks Culture
Watch a new movie every 3 weeks Social
Live alone Well-being
Get a Great Dane Well-being
Be in a healthy relationship Well-being
Travel the 50 states Travel
Have a career using my degrees Career
Have a savings account with $500 for 6 months Financial
Be debt free Financial
Sing at a sporting event Entertainment
Forgive Tim Health
Lose 120 lbs Health
watch the nutvtacker Fun
Go on 2 mini vacations with out the kids Fun
Go on mini vacations twice a year with kids Fun
Ride a motorcycle Fun
Get my black belt Skills
Parasail Bucket List
Skydive Bucket List
Eat seafood Bucket List
Go on a cruise Bucket List
Take a trip with my dad Bucket List
Take atrip with my mom Bucket List
Own my own home Bucket List
Watch my children get married Relationships
Donate clothes, or food to the local soup kitchen Charity

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