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Emilyk_2124's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
get married Social
Go to Florida Travel
Go on another cruise Travel
See the Eiffel Tower Travel
go snowboarding Sport
go to coachella Entertainment
Go to a concert Entertainment
swim with dolphins Fun
swim with sharks Fun
go to a waterpark Fun
dance in the rain Bucket List
Go to a drive-in movie Bucket List
go to a festival Bucket List
go to a protest for a good cause
go skinny dipping
go to nitro circus
go professional 4-wheel driving
get engaged
conquer your biggest fear
buy something very expensive
find myself and who i am
save someone
surf some waves
see snow
move to a colder place
get/adopt a pet
visit atleast 4 countries
use an ouija board
go to a haunted place
Get a permanent tattoo
make a difference in someone's life
Donate money to a good cause
get at-least 4 tattoos
go to mardi gras
fly first class
meet and see billie eilish
visit canada
visit england
visit los angeles
get a closet full of clothes i like

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