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Fayeharperr's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Cultural immersion trip Culture
study abroad Culture
Ares 51 Travel
Visit every state Travel
Drive Route 66 Travel
Let a dart choose my next adveture Travel
Sleep in a unique hotel Travel
Go to paris Travel
Go to la tomatina Travel
Go line dancing at a country bar Travel
Solo Travel (even uk) Travel
NYE at time square Travel
Go to the airport and book a flight there Travel
Go to italy Travel
Watch a sunset from a mountain Travel
Go camping Sport
Live in an apartment in a big city Moving
Live in a van/RV in a different country Moving
Buy myself a house Moving
exploring with @urbexstorm Entertainment
Fancy dress day out Entertainment
Go to the cecil Entertainment
Go to a beach bonfire Entertainment
Go to an abandoned city Entertainment
Spend nights at haunted houses Entertainment
Swim in a bioluminescent bay Entertainment
Do a survival trip Entertainment
Open swing Entertainment
Rent a classic convertible and go the beach at night Entertainment
Dance in the street to buskers Entertainment
Dog sledding Entertainment
Star gazing Entertainment
Attend versailles ball Entertainment
First aid course Education
Go urban exploring Fun
Geocaching Fun
Visit a ghost town Bucket List
Get my own cowgirl hat made Bucket List
Swimming in a lake Bucket List
Skydive Bucket List
Learn to drift/track drive Bucket List
Do a ghosthunt with pros Bucket List
Celebrity hunting in LA Bucket List
Fun run Bucket List
Hot air balloon ride Bucket List
See the northern lights Bucket List
Visit all the continents Bucket List
Dance in the rain Bucket List
Visit bondi beach Bucket List
Shark cage diving Bucket List
Burning man festival Bucket List
Buy myself an M4 Bucket List
Learn to line dance Bucket List
Get married Relationships
Proposed to at DisneyWorld Relationships
volunteer in LIC Charity
volunteer at homeless centre Charity

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