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Grungegirlmegan's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
take an art class Creativity
Write a song Creativity
Read a total of 10 books Culture
Hike a mountain Well-being
Enter an Art Exhibit Entertainment
Go on a ghost hunt Entertainment
Have a movie marathon Entertainment
learn to play the guitar Entertainment
Learn Sign Language Education
Stargaze Fun
Play Hide And Seek In Ikea Fun
Build a snowman Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Complete a scrapbook Fun
kiss someone at midnight on new years Bucket List
kiss someone at midnight on new years Bucket List
Feed the ducks Bucket List
Dance in the rain Bucket List
Kiss in the rain Bucket List
Go Bungee Jumping Bucket List
Visit a museum Bucket List
Watch A Sunset With Somone Relationships
Midnight stroll Relationships
Picnic in the forest Relationships
Kiss someone in the snow Relationships
Make someone I don't know smile Charity
Fill a journal with poetry
Spend the whole day watching movies
Leave a note in a library book
go to a haunted house
Read a new book every month

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