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Hclord's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Take pictures with an underwater camera Creativity
Make tie dye t shirts Creativity
Go bowling (and try not to hurt anyone) Social
Go to a barbeque Social
Grow my hair out 4 inches Well-being
Go hiking Well-being
Drink more tea; stop drinking soda Well-being
Plant flowers (daisies) Well-being
Go to a farmer's market Well-being
Go swimming in the ocean Travel
Stay at the beach until after sunset Travel
Go camping Sport
Go to the beach Entertainment
Silverwood trip! Entertainment
Learn how to fish Education
Read at least 10 books Education
Lose 15 pounds Health
Make lemonade Health
Go berry picking Fun
Go to the movies Fun
Watch the sunrise Fun
Get a tattoo Fun
Have a squirt gun fight Fun
Beat the shit out of a pinata for it's sweet candy goodness Fun
Get a giant package of glow sticks Fun
Have smores and shitty camping food Fun
Learn to play guitar Skills
Go skinnydipping Bucket List
Try Tequila or whiskey Bucket List
Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel Bucket List
Prepare for Apocalypse Bucket List
Eat ice cream from an ice cream truck Bucket List
Have a homemade pizza and movie night date Relationships
Go stargazing
Take photos in a photobooth

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