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Jbc1491's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Send A Message in a bottle from every coast i visit Creativity
Plant a seed and watch it grow. Creativity
enjoy a freshly rolled cigar in cuba Culture
visit and explore the grand canyon Culture
try out being a vegetarian Culture
Visit Paris Travel
Throw a Dart on a map and travel there Travel
travel a summer across the U.S.A. Travel
travel a summer across the U.S.A. Travel
Spend a weekend in L.A. Travel
Climb a mountain Sport
Complete a triathalon Sport
See a proffessional European Futbal game. Sport
Buy a House Moving
Own my own business Career
witness a solar eclipse Entertainment
Float in the dead sea Fun
Spend New Years Eve in New York City Fun
learn to surf Skills
Meet someone Famous Bucket List
See cherry blossoms in Japan Bucket List
Meet the love of my life Relationships
Make a difference in a strangers life Relationships
reconnect with a past mentor and thank them Relationships
Be in a conscious fulfilling relationship Relationships
explore through a jungle
Fold 1000 Origami cranes and give them to someone special
go on a cruise

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