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Jkerr5261's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Dye my hair Creativity
Go to Ireland Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
See a volcano Travel
Go to Paris Travel
Buy a house Financial
Learn another language Education
Attend a murder mystery dinner Fun
Get a tattoo Fun
See a broadway musical Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Attend a masquerade Bucket List
Plant a tree Bucket List
Be on the amazing race Bucket List
Get proposed to Relationships
Have a baby Relationships
Get married Relationships
Own a teacup pig
Take a hot air balloon
Visit at least five continents
Go on a zip line
Be happy with my body
Be part of a protest
Change someone's mind on a major issue
Go to a movie theatre by myself
Own a library
Dont complain for one week
Learn about other religions
See 221B Baker st
Go to carnival in quebec
Recreate the can i have this dance scene from high school musical
Go to banff
Get better at forgiving
Go to a red telephone box
Become pinetrest famous
Get drunk
Get fitted for a bra
Wear a pair of red heels
Skinny dip
Help a refugee family
See the desert
Go on the cross canada train
Spend Christmas in another country
See the script
Try everything on the tim hortons menu
Dress up as a princess for disney
Go one day without planning anythng
see monarch butterfly migration
Have a no waste month
Finish university
Find out ancestry
Go to a ball

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