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Keameo's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
write a book Creativity
learn to sail Sport
ride a camel Fun
experience zero gravity Fun
ride in a hot air balloon Fun
swim with sharks Fun
swim with dolphins Fun
learn to fly a plane Bucket List
try skiing Bucket List
smoke a bong Bucket List
travel to antarctica Bucket List
ride in a helicopter Bucket List
go horse riding again Bucket List
try a fully immersive VR setup Bucket List
road trip through europe Bucket List
go back to germany Bucket List
motorbike across the US Bucket List
go skydiving Bucket List
try raclette Bucket List
see a tornado Bucket List
see an active volcano up close Bucket List
look directly at a total eclipse of the sun Bucket List
learn to glassblow Bucket List
take a boxing class Bucket List
try archery Bucket List
visit that place with constant lightning storms Bucket List
go scuba diving
fly first class

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