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Liv234's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Make a music video Creativity
Do something different with my hair Creativity
Make dinner for the family Culture
Throw/ Host a party Social
Sleepover with friends Social
Attend a beach party Social
Party all night Social
Attend a bonfire/ campfire Social
Go clubbing Social
Go to a proper party Social
Try sushi Well-being
Fly first class Travel
Get the train by myself Travel
Visit New York Travel
Go on a road trip Travel
Holiday with friends Travel
Go to Disney World Travel
Visit Ireland Travel
See The Northern Lights Travel
Visit the Grand Canyon Travel
Visit Spain Travel
Visit Italy Travel
Create a home in Cyprus Travel
See the Pyramids Travel
Go on a safari Travel
Visit Africa Travel
Visit Florida Travel
See the Hollywood sign Travel
Visit Australia Travel
Walk through Central Park Travel
Visit San Francisco Travel
Visit the Bahamas Travel
Visit Canada Travel
Visit Paris Travel
Go to Bora Bora Travel
Go on a spontaneous adventure Travel
Explore Scotland Travel
Go Zorbing Sport
Attend an olympic game Sport
Own a walk-in wardrobe Moving
Start a business Career
Be the boss/ manager Career
Get paid to travel somewhere Career
Work full-time Career
Have a career I love Career
Get a part-time job Career
Buy a car Financial
Move out Financial
Buy a designer handbag Financial
Own a branded pair of shoes Financial
Be in a TV show audience Entertainment
Own a large collection of CDs Entertainment
Go to a concert with friends Entertainment
Own a vinyl record Entertainment
See The Script live Entertainment
Sing karaoke Entertainment
Go to Harry Potter Studio Tour Entertainment
Go to a concert Entertainment
See a West End Theatre show Entertainment
See Eminem Live Entertainment
Finish A-Levels Education
Get into University Education
Graduate University Education
Swim with dolphins Fun
Explore Brighton Fun
Do a colour run or colour festival Fun
Try iced tea Fun
Try macaroons Fun
Try iced coffee Fun
Fly in a hot air balloon Fun
Attend a staff christmas party Fun
Go on a film/TV set Fun
Learn to play the ukulele Fun
Take pictures in a photobooth Fun
Try modelling Fun
Visit Abbey Road, London Fun
Get a manicure Fun
Try coloured contacts Fun
Meet someone famous Fun
Ride a limo Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Go on a segway Fun
Attend a music festival Fun
Walk a dog Fun
Get Driver's Licence Skills
Make a short film Skills
Skydive Bucket List
Be part of breaking a world record Bucket List
Hold a monkey Bucket List
See a whale Bucket List
Go skiing Bucket List
Hold a snake Bucket List
Go on a date Relationships
Go on a proper date Relationships
Do a sponsored walk/ run Charity
Raise a lot of money for charity Charity
Volunteer Somewhere Charity

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