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Luciverdalla's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Write a song Creativity
fill balloon's with paint and attach to a canvas then throw darts at them Creativity
Name a star Creativity
Act in a play Creativity
Attend a masquerade ball Culture
Visit the Great Wall of China Culture
Go to Mexico Culture
Attend a Foam Party Social
Get Married Social
Receive a Fan Letter Social
Have an empty jar at the start of the year and fill it with notes of everything good that happens. Read them all on Jan 1st the following year Well-being
See a volcano Travel
Visit the Northern Lights Travel
Visit Chernobyl Travel
Visit the pyramids Travel
Visit New York Travel
Visit Iceland Travel
See the statue of liberty Travel
Visit Poland Travel
Visit the Colosseum, Rome Travel
Explore a Cave Travel
Go on a roadtrip Travel
Go to hawaii Travel
Go on a safari Travel
Swim among the Great Barrier Reef Travel
Go to North Korea Travel
Go skydiving Sport
Ride a Mechanical Bull Sport
Become an actress Career
Win an Oscar Career
Go to a music festival Entertainment
Attend a murder mystery dinner Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Abseil Down a Waterfall Fun
Go diving Fun
Fly a plane Fun
Go skiing Fun
swim with sharks Fun
Go Wall Climbing Fun
Release a Paper Lantern Fun
Get Hypnotized Fun
Attend a murder mystery dinner Fun
Sleep in a castle Fun
Write a book Skills
Blow Glass Skills
Helicopter Ride Bucket List
Go on a cruise Bucket List
Kiss in the rain Bucket List
Have a paint fight Bucket List
Dance under the stars Bucket List
Go to the North Pole Bucket List
Dance in the rain Bucket List
Get a Chinchilla Bucket List
Hot air balloon ride Bucket List
Chase a Tornado Bucket List
Experience zero gravity Bucket List
Meet JK Rowling Bucket List
Bungee jump Bucket List
Meet JK Rowling Bucket List
Get engaged Relationships
Start a charity Charity
Wild Water Rafting
See stonehenge
Ge to hollywood
Islands of Fiji
Forest drop off
Get 10000 followers on twitch
Visit Japan again
Whale watching
Go to space
Go on an urban exploring adventure
Attend a broadway show
Go to Florida space station thing
Meet Elon Musk
See an iceberg
Go to Mardi Grass
Drive in Cinema
Visit the dead sea
Change one persons life
Make someones day
amazon forest
See a Play at the Globe Theatre
South Africa
Arrive By Seaplane
Catch a Wave Surfing
See Harry Potter Cursed Child
Have my book become a bestseller
Have my book become a movie
Meet Stephen Hawking
Meet Tim Burton
Meet Leonardo DiCpario
Meet Oscar Isaac
Meet John Boyega
Meet Diego Luna
Win a nebula Award
Join the Writers Guild
Jump Off a Cliff
Stargazing with a professional telescope
Ride a tank
See the seven world wonders
Cuddle a sloth
Kiss a sealion
Relax in a Natural Hot Spring
Release baby turtles in the ocean
See a Coral Reef
Stand Under a Waterfall
Swim with Manatees
Take a Falconry Class
Create embroidery patches
Learn how to cosplay
Cosplay Aranea Highwind
Cosplay Ciri
Work on a Pottery Wheel
Attend a Black Tie Gala
Attend a Boxing Match
Attend a Film Premiere
Be a Game Show Contestant
Be on the Cover of a Magazine
Be interviewed
Be on Ellen Degeneres show
Be on late night with Jimmy Fallon
Be on Graham Northons show
Fly a trapzee
Go to a Blues Bar
Host a Game Night
Learn D&D
Master a Video Game
Ride on a Ferris Wheel
Throw a Themed Party
Try a poledancing class
Walk the Red Carpet
Watch the Space Shuttle Launch
Laser everything
Get a tattoo designed/though out by a friend
Drive a car
Go to LA
Watch a shooting star
Learn more about space
Take a mermaid class
Have a birthday party
Adopt a pet corgi
Own a jellyfish
Design clothes for a fashion brand
Do a voice over for a video game or tv show
Give a TED Talk
Meet Seth Rogan and James franco
Meet Stephen King
Visit the London Zoo
Meet Chris Pratt
Have a role on shadowhunters
Meet Will Wheaton
Meet Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan
Have a role on the walking dead
Have a role on StrangerThings
Have a role in StarWars
Have a role in a HarryPotter spinoff
Become an avenger
Visit the northpole
Visit Island
Go on vacation with partner
Move in with partner
See a real life whale
See a real life octopus
Visit the GrandCanyon
Do an Escape Room
Go Airsofting
See the Harry Potter Experience in London
Visit a zoo at night
visit the museum of Science in London
Do a haunted ghost tour
Natural history Museum in London
Go to Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club
Do the Zombie tour trip
See a theatre play
Build a bear at build-a-bear
Fall in love
Visit a theme park!
Go to Disney Land again
Oxygen free jumping
Be a public speaker for an event
Get 1000 followers on twitch
Become Twitch partnered!?
Get a new tattoo
Go to Washington and visit all museums
Shark cage
Visit Las Vegas!
Visit the Vattican
Swim with turtles
Get a big modelling gig
Attend a movie casting
Publish my book

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