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Murbell11's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Make a Quilt Creativity
Make Crayon Art Creativity
Take A Pottery Class Creativity
Learn Crocheting Creativity
Have Master Copy of Family tree Creativity
Publish a Book Creativity
Learn Glass Blowing Creativity
Make Jewelry Creativity
Learn to Make Jam Creativity
Learn how to pickle something Creativity
Take Cake Decorating Class Creativity
Make Candles Creativity
Take a Painting Class Creativity
get married Social
have kids Social
Go on a Cruise Travel
See the Big Ben Clock Travel
See Nigeria Falls Travel
See the Iguazu Falls Travel
Visit Mount Rushmore Travel
See the Statue of Liberty Travel
Visit Easter Island Travel
Visit Stonehenge Travel
Visit the Colosseum Travel
Take a Mission Trip to Haiti Travel
Travel Mototcycle Travel
Ride Trolley Travel
Order Room Service Travel
Ride Cable Car Travel
Ride Double Decker Bus Travel
Visit Oktoberfest in Germany (last week Sept – first weekend of Oct) Travel
Ride a Ferry Travel
Ride a Gondola Travel
Hike Macchu Picchu Travel
Visit Paraguay For Internship Travel
Visit Israel Travel
Visit the Mediterranean Sea Travel
Visit the Dead Sea Travel
visit the grand canyon Travel
Bike Across Golden Gate Bridge Travel
Go Night Watch Sea Turtles Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin, China (Jan 5-Feb 5) Travel
Ride in Submarine Travel
Visit Vivid Sydney Travel
Visit all 5o states Travel
See Great Wall of China Travel
Visit All 7 Continents Travel
Visit Japan During Cherry Blossoms Season Travel
See the Great Pyraminds Travel
Travel Solo At least Once Travel
Experience New Years in Time Square Travel
Live Over Seas At Least Once Travel
See Leaning Tower of Pisa Travel
Visit the Sistine Chapel Travel
Drive on Route 66 Travel
Travel by Train Travel
Travel by Plane Travel
Travel by Boat Travel
Ride a Camel Sport
Go Ice Skating Sport
Go Ziplining Sport
start own bakery Career
Pay off all loans and be debt-free Financial
own my car Financial
own my home Financial
Go to Lantern Festival Entertainment
grad from highschool Education
Learn Sign Language Education
Grad from College Education
Do a Warrior Dash Health
Take a kickboxing Class Health
Bath an Elephant Fun
Go Glamping Fun
Attend NFL Game Fun
Ride Segway Fun
Go Zero Gravity Fun
Go Roller Skating Fun
Go sking Fun
Go to Disneyworld Fun
Carve a Pumpkin Every Halloween Fun
Go Hangliding Fun
Go Rock climbing Fun
Go Helmet Diving Fun
Go Paddle Boarding Fun
Go water sking Fun
Ride on a Sail Boat Fun
Go Snow Tubing Fun
Go Water Tubing Fun
Go on Hot Air Balloon Ride Fun
Go Cliff Jumping Fun
Go on Glider Plane Fun
Go Flyboarding Fun
Go Dune Buggying Fun
Go Snorkeling Fun
Go Scuba Diving Fun
Go FreeFalling Fun
Do a Color Run Fun
Test drive a Ferrari or Lambo Fun
Ride on Roll Coaster Fun
Hike Appalachian Trail Fun
Go Axe Throwing Fun
Go Hoverboarding Fun
Go Grape Stomping Fun
Go to a Drive thur Movie Fun
Ride in a Carriage Fun
Attend Comic-Con Fun
Ride Ostrich Fun
Go Whale Watching Fun
Pet a Stingray Fun
Go Deep Sea Fishing Fun
Go Clam digging Fun
Go Crabbing Fun
Learn to Sew Skills
Learn to Fish Skills
Learn to Shoot Bow Skills
Ride a Horse Skills
Learn to Snowboard Skills
Run a 5k Skills
Learn to Curl Skills
Learn a new Language Skills
Learn to play Guitar Skills
Learn Couple Dance Skills
Learn to change Tire Skills
Learn to Change oil Skills
Go Paragliding Skills
Learn to shoot a Gun Skills
Get a Tattoo Bucket List
Skydive Bucket List
Learn to Swim Bucket List
Go Parasailing Bucket List
Go White Water Rafting Bucket List
See the Eiffel Tower in Paris Bucket List
Go Zorbing Bucket List
Go Kayaking Bucket List
Go on an African Safari Bucket List
Go Bungee Jumping Bucket List
Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary Relationships
Have a Healthy Pregnancy Relationships
sponsor a child Relationships
have grandkids Relationships
Go ATVing
Visit the Wailing Wall
Take a Cooking Class

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