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Railriderron's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Build a shelter in a remote area Creativity
Eat at a 5-star restaurant Culture
Eat NY Pizza in NY Culture
Eat a delicacy from another country Culture
Shop at a fresh market Culture
Get Married Social
Get a dog Well-being
Ride in a train Travel
Climb a lighthouse Travel
Visit a waterfall Travel
Visit Miami Travel
Visit the Florida Keys Travel
Visit Washington DC Travel
Go to Las Vegas Travel
Visit the Grand Canyon Travel
Visit NYC Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Go sailing Travel
Attend a horse race Sport
Play tennis Sport
Climb a mountain Sport
10k in savings Financial
Earn 100k/year Financial
Buy a car Financial
Buy a house Financial
Visit Disney Entertainment
Attend a Blue Man Show Entertainment
Go to a concert Entertainment
Attend a Cirque du Soleil Show Entertainment
Donate Blood Health
Participate in an obstacle course Health
Ride a jet ski Fun
Go trick-or-treating Fun
Sledding Fun
Scuba Dive Fun
Go skiing Fun
Do a corn maze Fun
Gamble in a casino Fun
Go snorkeling Bucket List
Display my ART in a big gallery Bucket List
Go Horseback Riding Bucket List
Go on a road trip Bucket List
Spend New Year's Eve at Times Square Bucket List
Go on a cruise Bucket List
Ride in a helicopter Bucket List
Fly an airplane Bucket List
Kiss under the fireworks Relationships
Donate to your favorite charity Charity
Give $20 to a strager Charity
Drive a motorcycle
Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
Make a snowman
Get a passport
Make a snow angel

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