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Sakuzyo's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
learn german Culture
Do a genetic testing for heritage Culture
see the northern lights Travel
throw a dart at a map and travel where it lands Travel
go to space one day Travel
Go skydiving Sport
get into uni Career
Watch a meteor shower Entertainment
kiss in the rain Fun
explore a cave Fun
get a tattoo Bucket List
going to Japan
camping and setting campfires
visit an Advent fair or any fair
amusement paaaaark
seeing big firework show
water pistol fight
go to an antique shop
to row a boat in the middle of the night or that rowing epico romantic shit
go to a big aquarium like place
watching horror movies w my future bf
dressing like how id like to/finding my own style
meeting my online friends one day
get a tarot or crystal ball future reading
go to Praga
go to almost every place from Monster, a Germany trip
watching every Ghibli movie
going drinkin late night then walkin
going somewhere n sleepin outside
lantern eresztes
building a pillow fort
cat cafe
learn Python
first job
understanding math
surviving uni and getting a degree
having my own place
late night driving and listening to music
getting a drivers licence
getting a car
go to a real beach
jp/kr like karaoke bar

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