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Salmonlover69's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Bake brownies that people actually eat Creativity
Visit an art gallery and comment using stylist features Creativity
Ride an Elephant Creativity
Go to Mexico Culture
See a ballet Culture
Add a lock to lovers bridge; Paris and Germany Culture
5 year meetup Culture
Vote Culture
See an Opera Culture
15 year meetup Culture
10 year meetup Culture
Go to Oktoberfest Culture
Visit Socotra Island and see their weird plants Culture
Meet the parents Social
Throw a suprise party Social
go to a foam party Social
Visit a nude-beach/park Social
Help a stranger Social
be part of a flash mob Social
Learn to read Adrian's Handwriting Social
Have a career that I really love Well-being
Go to a spa day Well-being
Have a pizza sale together Well-being
Hike a mountain Well-being
Sit in a sauna Well-being
Go to Disney World Travel
Go on a vacation as a family Travel
Study/live abroad Travel
go to amsterdam Travel
Visit a new country together (Lisbon) Travel
Stand on the Equator Travel
have campfire on beach Travel
See The Taj Mahal Travel
Visit Niagara Falls Travel
See the world Travel
Safari in Africa Travel
Machu Pichu Travel
Grand canyon Travel
Dead sea Travel
Visit the Pyramids Travel
Visit Stonehenge Travel
Go to Iceland Travel
Go to Maldives and swim with the fish (because adrian loves fish) Travel
Go snowboarding Sport
Have abs Sport
participate in a color run Sport
Teach Christie how to cycle Sport
Ride a Camel Sport
Go skydiving Sport
ride a jetski Sport
Go scuba diving Sport
live somewhere new Moving
Get a place of my own Moving
Graduate college Career
Have a million dollars Financial
Go to a music festival Entertainment
Graduate High School Education
Get high together Health
Celebrate my 100th birthday Health
Make out on the beach Fun
Go clubbing together Fun
Improvise a whole date with random skits Fun
Watch a Concert Together Fun
Go the Cheng Chau Fun
watch baby turtles hatch Fun
Naked in the beach under water Fun
Do Something That Absolutely Terrifies You Fun
Bungee Jumping Fun
Go Ice Skating Fun
Have a viral video Fun
Meet Someone Famous Fun
milk a cow Fun
Release a Paper Lantern Fun
Eat at a 5 star restaraunt Fun
Build a fort with pillows Fun
Attend a high school party together Fun
Attend a house party together Fun
Go camping together Fun
hold a baby panda Fun
Bake cookies Fun
Go to a random island in sai kung Fun
water balloon fight Fun
Learn how to speak like despicable me Fun
have a food fight Fun
Hold a baby koala Fun
Take a fingertip tour Fun
stay out all night Fun
explore a cave Fun
Swim in a rooftop pool Fun
Swing together on a playground Fun
Build sandcastles on the beach Fun
Feed ducks/pigeons/fish together Fun
Fountain hopping Fun
Walk naked in the rain with a lot of people Fun
Hold a sexy koala Fun
Learn to Backflip Skills
Learn To Drive Skills
Learn to play the guitar Skills
Fool my girlfriend with a mindblowing Magic Trick Skills
Be a master at Speed Skills
Dance in the rain Bucket List
Finish a Coloring Book Bucket List
Kiss under fireworks Bucket List
Get Drunk Bucket List
Watch sunrise Bucket List
get fit Bucket List
Sleep under the stars Bucket List
jump in a pool fully clothed Bucket List
Fly First Class Bucket List
Use A Fake Name At Starbucks Bucket List
Go on a road trip Bucket List
Have a picnic in the park & make our own food Bucket List
Visit London Bucket List
Write a complete bucketlist Bucket List
Ride in a hot air balloon Bucket List
Kiss in the rain Bucket List
Skinny Dipping Bucket List
Sleep on a trampoline Bucket List
Get in a Fight Bucket List
Watch a classic love story while cuddling in the sheets Relationships
cuddle on a rainy day Relationships
Kiss underwater Relationships
Do it in a motel Relationships
sing a song to a guy to dis him Relationships
cuddle by a campfire Relationships
Fall in Love Relationships
Kiss under mistletoe Relationships
Fall asleep to a story told by the other person Relationships
Watch sunset Relationships
Kiss someone in the snow Relationships
Move in together Relationships
Watch A Sunset With Somone Relationships
Shower together Relationships
rap a song to a girl to dis her Relationships
Rap/sing a song to dis "them" Relationships
Wish on a shooting start together Relationships
Fall asleep in other person's arm Relationships
Kiss on the tram Relationships
Midnight stroll Relationships
Be a Human Blanket (warm someone up) Relationships
Flirt like strangers for a date Relationships
Spend Valentines Day with someone you love Relationships
Cook Dinner Charity
Watch a disney movie cuddle Charity
Sneak over in the middle of the night just to cuddle
Catch a last minute flight to a random destination
Receive my Bachelors Degree
Cute kissing photos in a photobooth
Run around IKEA playing family
go to a haunted house
feed a giraffe
go to a haunted house
Dance on a table in a restaurant
Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
Have a quickie before parents are back
Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later
Receive my Masters Degree

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