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Sdmf's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
learn painting Creativity
Make a time capsule Creativity
Eat pizza in Italy Culture
Attend A Broadway Play Culture
Learn an instrument Culture
Celebrate New Year's in 5 different countries Culture
Get Married Social
Visit the Colosseum, Rome Travel
throw a dart at a map and travel where it lands Travel
Go Camping in Germany Travel
Visit every Continent Travel
Visit Japan Travel
Start a road trip without a destination Travel
See the statue of liberty Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Live abroad Moving
harry potter marathon Entertainment
Graduate Education
Don't speak English for a week Education
Experience Zero Gravity Fun
Universal Studios Fun
order room service Fun
Bake a cake together Fun
Release a Paper Lantern Fun
Learn to surf Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Skydiving Fun
Write a Book Skills
Visit Scotland Bucket List
Fly in a helicopter Bucket List
Add a lock to lovers bridge Bucket List
be on television Bucket List
Learn to drive Bucket List
jump in a pool fully clothed Bucket List
Go Bungee Jumping Bucket List
kiss under a mistletoe Relationships
Donate blood Charity
Donate $1000 to charity Charity
Beat every level in Mario Bros.
Read an hour a day for a month
walk across a border
Grow food to eat.
Drag Aisling out
Malin to Mizen
Sing for strangers
Cook dumplings
No insta/reddit for a week
make pancakes together
Ice skate on a lake
Go fishing
Move in together
Build a campfire
Eat octopus
acid trip
No sugar for one month

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