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Shellychell1988's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Write a song Creativity
Make Candles Creativity
Do a genetic testing for heritage Culture
Vote Culture
become a Parent Social
Get Married Social
Enjoy what I have in life Well-being
Do something that terrifies you Well-being
Go to a spa day Well-being
Have a body that I can be proud of Well-being
New York During Christmas Travel
Explore a Cave Travel
Go to the titanic museum Travel
Take the Subway Travel
Visit the White House - D.C. Travel
Go to an Aquarium Travel
Travel by Train Travel
Visit New York Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Go on a Cruise Travel
Visit Disneyland Travel
Hike the appalachian Trail Travel
Go scuba diving Sport
Ride bareback Sport
Graduate College Career
Prepare a Will Financial
Buy a car Financial
Star gazing Entertainment
Go to a concert Entertainment
visit a castle Entertainment
Have a Harry Potter marathon Entertainment
Have a movie marathon Entertainment
Have a movie marathon Entertainment
Go to a music festival Entertainment
Take photos with someone in a photobooth Fun
Go on a romantic weekend Fun
Write My Name in Wet Cement Fun
Throw a Surprise Party Fun
Ride in a Carriage Fun
Get a tattoo Fun
Go Ice Skating Fun
Go to Prom Fun
Stargaze Fun
Go on a romantic weekend Fun
Zipline Fun
Put together a puzzle by myself Fun
Go through a corn maze Fun
Plant a tree Bucket List
Write a letter for after I die Bucket List
jump in a pool fully clothed Bucket List
Go on a cruise Bucket List
Watch a rooftop sunrise Bucket List
sleep in back of truck Bucket List
Sleep under the stars Bucket List
kiss someone at midnight on new years Bucket List
Write myself a letter and read it 10 years later Bucket List
go to a concert Bucket List
Kiss in the rain Bucket List
Go on a road trip Bucket List
Get a small tattoo that has a lot of meaning Bucket List
Dance in the rain Bucket List
Ride in a helicopter Bucket List
Meet a celebrity Bucket List
Have a Paint Fight Bucket List
Witness a Solar Eclipse Bucket List
kiss under a mistletoe Relationships
Take Corny Pictures in Matching Christmas Sweaters Relationships
Midnight stroll Relationships
Fish togheter Relationships
Have a Healthy Pregnancy Relationships
Fall asleep by a fireplace Relationships

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