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Teriyakigod's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Visit the Great Wall of China Culture
See Cherry Blossoms in Japan Culture
See a ballet Culture
Eat pizza in Italy Culture
Ride a gondola in Venice Travel
Hike the appalachian Trail Travel
Go to Iceland Travel
Ride The Bullet Train,Japan Travel
Go to the Grand Canyon Travel
Visit Niagara Falls Travel
Visit the Pyramids Travel
Throw a dart at a map and travel wherever it lands Travel
Learn how to skateboard like a pro Sport
Ride a Camel Sport
Save $10,000 Financial
Watch a meteor shower Entertainment
Graduate from college Education
Donate Blood Health
Visit Hollywood Sign Fun
Grow weed Skills
Ride in a hot air balloon Bucket List
Fly in a helicopter Bucket List
See Yosemite National Park Bucket List
Kiss in the rain Bucket List
Plant a tree Bucket List
Experience zero gravity Bucket List
Buy a big gift for dad Relationships
Buy a big gift for mum Relationships
Take my parents on a vacation Relationships
Rescue an animal from a shelter Charity
Complete 1000+ piece Jigsaw puzzle
float in the dead sea
Visit the White House
Go to space

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