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Tipster97's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Be in a playbox show Creativity
Learn to play the piano Creativity
Visit the Great Wall of China Culture
Go to a festival Culture
Bathe in Lourdes water Well-being
Run a marathon Well-being
Live in Italy Travel
Go on safari in Africa Travel
Ski in every continent Travel
Go to the equator Travel
Visit all European countries Travel
Visit Australia Travel
Go to all South American countries Travel
Visit the USA Travel
Finish a thriathlon Sport
Swim the channel (distance) Sport
Retire to a foreign country Moving
Live in Spain Moving
Build my own house Moving
Get a job at 16 Career
Buy a car Financial
Have £1,000,000 Financial
Buy a house Financial
Get a degree Education
Do a part time degree at a university Education
Do a part time degree through the Open University Education
Get an Art Degree through idesigni Education
Get a masters Education
Get a PhD Education
Get an A* at GCSE Education
Get a DipHE Education
Get a CertHE Education
Get an A* at A Level Education
Get the EBacc Education
Get the perfect body with muscles Health
Get a tattoo Fun
Ride a camel Fun
Ride a mechanical bull Fun
Take a canopy tour (traversing between trees on a zip line) in the rainforest Fun
Learn french to B2 level Skills
Learn how to drive Skills
Become fluent in italian Skills
Run a 5k Skills
Play the lottery Bucket List
Attend the Olympics Bucket List
Become fluent in Spanish Bucket List
See the northern lights Bucket List
Hold a koala Bucket List
See the mona lisa Bucket List
Swim in a lake Bucket List
Witness a full eclipse Bucket List
Raise children bilingual Bucket List
Adopt a child Bucket List
Have a pet Bucket List
Run a 10k Bucket List
Get a piercing Bucket List
Go on a cruise Bucket List
Sleep in the ice hotel Bucket List
Swim in teh largest swimming pool in the world Bucket List
Smoke legally Bucket List
Drink legally Bucket List
Have a gap year Bucket List
Get married Relationships
Have children Relationships

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